What Are BS 1387 Galvanized ERW Pipes & Uses

BS 1387 Galvanized ERW Pipes

BS 1387 Galvanized ERW Pipes is a term that relates to a particular specification for welded steel pipes. It applies to industrial applications such as gas supply, fire fighting, and oil and water transmission pipelines. Generally, the BS 1387 Galvanized ERW Pipes are fabricated with high-quality steel with an anti-corrosive coating, giving them reliable durability … Read more

Advantages Of Using Mild Steel Iron Pipe

Mild Steel Iron Pipe

Whether constructing a new building or just renovating old pipes, Mild Steel Iron Pipes are becoming popular for many construction purposes. You may have heard a lot about mild steel pipes and wondered why they are preferred over other alternatives. This blog post will explore various advantages of using mild steel iron pipes. What Is … Read more

Detailed Information On Carbon Steel ERW Pipes

Carbon Steel ERW Pipes

Carbon Steel ERW Pipes are an important type of pipe used in various industrial applications. ERW stands for electric resistance welding, the process of welding two or more pieces of metal together using electrical currents. ERW pipes are produced in various shapes, sizes, and thicknesses to meet different requirements. In this blog, we will delve … Read more